It all started in Chicago

The founding partner of Arfima started his path providing research to Transmarket Group while he was finishing his post graduate studies at the University of Oxford.

He then decided to join efforts with Transmarket Group. A Spanish subsidiary was created in 2002. It then became the first proprietary trading group in Madrid.

We sailed markets with them and learnt from them. In turn, we helped them set up the offices in India, London and Australia.

In 2005 we started to push our algorithmic efforts.

In 2010 we separated from Transmarket Group and initiated our individual firm. We later joined efforts with GFI/Kyte Capital Group.

We opened offices in Paris, Argentina and Chicago.

We have not stopped attracting talent and taking on new challenges.

In 2020  we started our deFi and Crypto efforts. We plan to be in this space for long and successfully.

Everyday we take on new endeavors. We like the challenges, we enjoy testing new markets.